The Indian Generic Medicines is a consulting company which provide assistance to Patients/Doctor/Healthcare provider to access the genuine medicines at competitive prices. IGM is one of the world’s leading suppliers/ exporters, known for providing affordable medicines globally around the world . For patients across the globe, we have been one of the most trusted sources where they can find medicine they need. We are one stop solution for all the specialty medicines including anti-cancer, gastroenterology (Hepatitis B,C) nephrology , neurology etc.


Our strength areas are:

  • Accessing the genuine medicine from various reputed pharma companies at competitive prices
  • Delivering the medicines to patients at doorstep across the globe abiding by the legalities of the country
  • Providing up –to date price list , product details and image of the medicines.
  • Customized packing for ambient , fragile & temperature sensitive shipment.
  • FedEX International Priority courier service for shipping medicine anywhere in world within least possible time

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Indian Generic Prescription Medicines for Patient


Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. The condition can be self-limiting or can progress to fibrosis (scarring)…



Multiple Myeloma is cancer of the plasma cells. Plasma cells are the type of white blood cells which are responsible……



Lung cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that start off in one or both lungs; usually in the cells that…



Immunotherapy is an umbrella term that includes all the therapies used for the treatment of disease by inducing , enhancing…



The prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system. It makes most of the semen that carries sperm. The walnut-sized…



Leukemia is cancer of the blood and marrow present in the bones. Leukemia is said to happen when there is a problem…


Indian Generic Medicines


We are the most reputed & leading consultants in Pharmaceuticals and can connect you to the genuine and authentic supplier who source the medicine from biggest Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in India and abroad.The medicine includes anti cancer, antibiotics, gastric, respiratory etc. Established in 2014 ,we are the most reputed consultants and are the fastest growing company in Pharmaceutical Consultancy in India.

We have the biggest network of pharmaceutical distributors and exporters, who represent the most prestigious companies in India like Natco Pharma, Pfizer, Novartis, EliLilly, Dr.Reddys, Dabur, Cipla, Johnson and Johnson, Sun Pharmaceuticals, Ranbaxy, Orchid, Cadila, Baxter, Aventis, GSK, Panacea and many more.

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Buy Generic Anti cancer medicines

Indian generic cancer medicines

We provide Indian generic anti cancer drugs for International Patients and foreign(International) hospitals. These are the cancer drugs list: Velpanat 100mg and 400mg tablets, Tagrisso 80 mg and 40 mg tablet, Buy xbira (Abiraterone Acetate) 250mg tablets, xtandi 40mg capsules, Lenvima 4mg and 10mg capsules, kryxana 200 mg tablets, Sovaldi 400 mg tablets, Hepcinat 400mg tablets, Hepcinat LP 400mg and 90mg tablets, Geftinat 250 mg tablets, Veenat 100mg and 400mg tablets, uses, side-effects, composition, substitutes, drug interactions, precautions, dosage, warnings.